Mackworth CP440P

The Mackworth Portable Ceiling Hoist can be quickly and easily moved between multiple fixed ceiling track systems and used in conjunction with Free Standing Gantry Systems such as the Mackworth FSG440 or Mackworth Easy Fit Gantry systems

Watch a Free Standing Gantry and Portable Lift installation - 1m 43s

Whats in the Box

  • Ceiling Track Lift
  • Carry Bar
  • Trolley Hook Assembly
  • Expandable Reaching Arm
  • Hand Charging Unit

The CP440P makes it possible to move mobility impaired individuals; with minimal strain and reduced risk to the caregiver; while providing complete safety, dignity and comfort for the client. The CP440P lift should be used in conjunction with a suitable portable track system, such as a Mackworth FSG440 or Mackworth Easy Fit Gantry systems; or a suitable fixed ceiling track system.

Download Manuals

User Manual
Download the CP440P User Manual
Commissioning Manual
Download the CP440P Commissioning Manual
Spare Parts Manual
Download the CP440P Spare Parts Manual

Product Features

Portable or Fixed

CP440P can be moved between Fixed Ceiling Track and Overhead Gantry

440 lbs (200 kg)

Transfer patients up to 440lb (200kg)

Dual Control

Up, Down, and emergency lowering on both Handse and Lift Unit

Power Saving

Auto power-off after approximately 30 seconds of non-use.

High Battery Capacity

High battery capacity supporting 50-60 lifts per charge

Max Safe Working Load: 440 lbs (200 kg)
Hoist Case: Non Flammable ABS Plastic
Total Weight (Unboxed): 9.9 lbs (4.5 kg)
Dimensions (L / W / H) 8.19″ / 6.97″ / 5.87″
Rail Transfer: Manual
Lifting Range: Up to 82.68″ (2100 mm)
Lifting Speed (Unloaded): 1.38 “/s (35 mm/s)
Lifting Speed (Loaded): 0.98 “/s (25 mm/s)
Charger Input: 100-240 V
Charger Output: 24 V – 1.33 A
Emergency Lower: Electric
Hand Control: Wired Electric 3 Button
In Track Charging: Not Available
Removable from Track: Yes
Duty Cycle: 15% use, 85% rest
Batteries: 2 x 12 V – 3.3 Ah (NiMH)