Specialist in Moving & Handling Equipment
Manufactured in the UK. Made for the USA.
Mackworth are experts in the safe moving and handling of patients.

Mackworth is part of a growing multinational medical device group which provides safe patient handling, pressure area care and specialist seating solutions to health and care providers in home care, long term care, acute care and educational settings.

Headquartered in the UK with over 600 employees, operating in 84 countries around the world, we have a mission to transform the quality of life of people with health and mobility conditions by providing solutions that offer choice, value for money, and help to make care easier.


Great quality products that are competitively priced, offering you value for money and choice.

Quality Assurance

Mackworth products are designed and manufactured
at our 50,000 sq ft facility in the UK giving you and your clients reassurance they have complied with the highest quality and safety standards.


We are a trusted supplier to a growing distributor network in 84 countries, with a reputation for offering quality, value and a great service.

Knowledge & Expertise

With over 35 years-experience providing product and service solutions to health and care providers, our products are backed by expert knowledge and a wealth of training and educational resources.

Customer Service

We have a dedicated US warehouse and a distributor with in-depth product and local market knowledge who will tailor solutions to meet your needs and be your point of contact every step of the way.
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